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The Right Choice For Your Ads

We are here to make the most out of your campaigns and offers
Boost results and reach the right crowd at the right moment

About Us

Whether it's desktop, mobile or CTV, we have access across thousands of websites, worldwide. Providing you with high viewability, quality and brand safety.

With our experience in optimizing and developing campaigns and offers, we help networks, brands and agencies reach the best and most accurate results.

Quality supply and demand is a top priority for us, making sure we deliver high standard inventory and KPIs with full transparency in compliance with our partners requirements.

Our Vision

Speroll was founded to make advertising more personal.

We believe that we are as strong as the connection between us and our partners, that's why personal attention is one of our top goals.

You can be sure that if you have a question, request, idea or comment you'll have someone listening



Whether it's a desktop inventory, In-app activity or mobile web supply,
We are here to maximize your profits and set you up with top quality campaigns and offers.
Delivering your traffic through a wide range of activities.
Transparent and fixed prices for your traffic are guaranteed.
Providing you with a dashboard login so you can track your campaigns online.
Payments are delivered on-time with the security, transparency and accuracy you require.
When you're happy we're happy.

On Time
Competitive CPM / CPI / CPA Rates
Full Time


Speroll is all about personal attention. Your wish is our demand.
Using the latest technologies, we are here to reach your desired results.
Whether you're a brand or an advertising network, you can be sure we'll get your message out there, ensuring high quality traffic and user viewability.
We do it, because we know how.

High Viewabilty
Brand Safety
Top Tier Audiences

Speroll Media Ltd    |   Tel Aviv, Israel    |   © 2017

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